The Barber of Brownsville Doubles As Guru To Local Kids

Eddie Martinez started working in a barbershop in Brownsville when he was thirteen.  His boss decided to retire and offered the then 18-years-old Martinez the chance to buy the business.  Martinez jumped at the opportunity.  

Eddie Martinez with Campus student, Isiah

Eighteen years later Martinez is still the proud and hard working owner of Hair Creation, on Mother Gaston Blvd., Brownsville, Brooklyn.  He told this story and others of resilience to students from The Campus and the Brownsville Collaborative Middle School.

Although Martinez lives in Queens, his family moved to Brownsville when he was ten and is fiercely loyal to his community.  His main message to the kids on this day: “Stay focused.  Don’t let fear, laziness, video games get in the way of your goals.  Most important, don’t let people tell you you can’t be successful or reach your goals because of what you look like or where you were born.”

In the current U.S. political and economic climate no truer words have been spoken.

To follow The Campus and Brownsville Collaborative Middle School Mobile Storytelling Class, check out our Brownsville Visible blog here.  In this class we examine our lives and those around us.  Through the power of story we change the narratives to our own lives.

To hear the inspired and spirited conversation, watch the video below.

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