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The Shanghai Restoration Project, Zhang Le and NeochaEDGE Wows NYC

The Shanghai Restoration Project had the sold-out audience at New York’s Asia Society shouting for more after their curtain call.  But it was only day two of the Chindia Dialogues, a four-day festival of Chinese and Indian writers, thinkers, artists and performers coming together for the Asian Arts + Ideas Forum, and the staff needed to pace itself.  As the lights went up, the audience buzzed with appreciation, having watched stunning statuesque Shanghai singer, Zhang Le, and New York Hip Hop artist, Jamahl Richardson, riff on traditional Chinese melodies spiced with New York Hip Hop.  The dazzling videos were equally stunning. Continue reading “The Shanghai Restoration Project, Zhang Le and NeochaEDGE Wows NYC”

Bowery: The Times They Are A-Changin’

Bowery: The Times They Are A-Changin'

Boutique hotels and $25 burgers make it hard for any art institution to survive, but if they have a Bowery address, it’s near impossible. Once analogous with flop houses and wet brains, the Bowery has become one of the most sought after addresses in the City. We spoke with a couple of the last holdouts of Bowery institutions, Don Holman founder of the Bowery Poetry Club and Tony Amato, founder of the Amato Opera. After a successful 60-year run Amato shuttered his doors in 2009. We were lucky to catch up with him before his retirement. Continue reading “Bowery: The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Tango Seduces New York

Tango Seduces New York

Text by Karen Zraick, NYC24

Argentine tango is more than a dance for the couples that glide along the dance floor on Saturday nights at the 92nd Street Y. It’s a love affair, a meditation, a life lesson —at its best, a communion between two bodies.

“I never had a passion as strong, as vivid as tango in my life,” said Patrizia Chen, a Manhattan author and chef. “It’s orgasmic.”

That physical vulnerability, that willingness to allow someone to grip you and pull you close, creates an intense intimacy between partners, while the melancholy lyrics give the dance an air of wistful romance.

“No other dance has such a close embrace,” Chen said. “You have to give yourself to the other person.”

Continue reading “Tango Seduces New York”