What critics say about “Life and Death on the A-List”

Wrenching,…wryly humorous and unflinching.
Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times, Critics Choice

Absolutely enthralling.., leaves you breathless at the range and depth with which it tackles the power of the libido, issues of gay self-hatred, and the use of sex to conquer, degrade and compensate for rejection in other areas of life.
Ernest Hardy, LA Weekly, Critics Choice

Brilliant…an indelibly relevant portrait of-and commentary on-our culture’s exaggerated, often destructive emphasis on youth and beauty.
James Baker, POZ

A welcome addition to the growing genre of AIDS on celluloid. Corcoran’s knowing direction captures the plight of what it is to have been young, beautiful and worshipped, then to suddenly find yourself older, not so wiser, battling a not so pleasant disease. A truly absorbing documentary.
Brandon Judell, Critic’s Choice, America Online

LIFE AND DEATH ON THE A-LIST is one of the most vital and moving films to have been provoked by the AIDS epidemic. Its theme is not the disease itself but how illness and mortality make us rethink the body, being human. It pushes buttons we didn’t even know we had; entertains us and forces us to respond with intelligence and imagination. This is the sort of film that stays with you for years to come, that you can’t shake off, or slip away from. It is powerful, resonant, and in the end, it is beautiful.
Michael Bronski, Author of Culture Clash: The Making of Gay Sensibility and other works

Unsettling…Corcoran unflinchingly reveals what ultimately lies beneath a lifestyle based strictly on superficiality…shocking, humorous, macabre, sad and angering…this is real life.
Trenton Straube, HX Magazine