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AIDS on Film: Jay Corcoran

A Scribe Media news segment containing excerpts from Corcoran’s AIDS trilogy: Life and Death on the A-List, Undetectable, and Rock Bottom. Reported and produced by John Mikytuck. TRT: 9:55

Creative at Columbia: Jay Corcoran, Documentary Filmmaker

By Simone Mailman, The Record, Columbia University
Jay Corcoran, assistant director at Columbia Business School’s Career Management Center, isn’t your typical career counselor, dispensing advice and encouragement to ambitious, job-hungry MBA s from behind a desk. You can often find him performing his job in a far more unusual setting—from behind a camera.

Channel Thirteen/WNET Interview on the making of NY Diary and 9/11

Channel Thirteen/WNET, The New York affiliate PBS station, interviews Corcoran on the making of New York Diary, his 9/11 short, broadcast on Reel New York.


Critics Choice: I’ll be your mirror

By Stephen Holden, New York Times
This intimate view of an unrepentant sexual adventurer raises tough questions about personal values, vanity and the emphasis on beauty in the fast lane of New York gay life.

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CRITIC’S CHOICE/Undetectable review

By Stephen Holden, New York Times
It takes enormous courage for a filmmaker to choose a subject as cloaked in denial as the AIDS epidemic in the United States two decades after it burst into public consciousness. But that’s what the documentarian and sometime actor Jay Corcoran has done in his moving and important new film, ”Undetectable,” which examines the lives of six Boston residents taking various life-prolonging AIDS medications.

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Addiction, Magnified

By Stephen Holden, New York Times
“Rock Bottom,” filmed over two and a half years in digital video, is a ground-level examination of the crystal meth epidemic in gay New York. It follows seven men struggling with addiction, showing them high and sober.

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