Bowery: The Times They Are A-Changin’

Boutique hotels and $25 burgers make it hard for any art institution to survive, but if they have a Bowery address, it’s near impossible. Once analogous with flop houses and wet brains, the Bowery has become one of the most sought after addresses in the City. We spoke with a couple of the last holdouts of Bowery institutions, Don Holman founder of the Bowery Poetry Club and Tony Amato, founder of the Amato Opera. After a successful 60-year run Amato shuttered his doors in 2009. We were lucky to catch up with him before his retirement.

Watch the video below to hear from some members of the Bowery community on how arts and commerce are transforming the Bowery into one of New York City’s favorite destination places.


The Amato Opera: A Profile.  Founder, Tony Amato,  Died December 13, 2011,  He was 91.

Caleb Henderson, an actor and doorman at the Bowery Hotel, talks about working on the Bowery and what he would like to see incorporated into the changing landscape.

Writer, Jessica Hagedorn tells us about her thoughts on the Bowery transformation.


Finally we speak with Milton Maltavo, who at the time of the shoot, lived at the “Sunshine Hotel”, one of the last “flop houses” on the Bowery. We meet him after he finished his night shift at the White House Hotel.