Aayan Hirsi Ali on Islam and the West

Former Dutch Parliament member and Somali-born writer and activist, Aayan Hirsi Ali talks with us about Islam and her work.

Hirsi Ali has received many death threats against her outspoken remarks against Islam. Her documentary film, sealed her as a lightening rod for Islamic revenge and hatred.

Van Gogh was gunned down in the Netherlands for his collaboration on the project. His propelled her into global activism against the violence she feels Islam nurtures.

Many, especially on the right revere her, she is a resident fellow at the conservative think tank the her and because of her relentless disdain for Islam.

Last week I asked my friend, a Muslim and renowned Koran scholar, who because of his profession did not want his name mentioned, about Hirsi Ali. My usually jovial and thoughtful friend suddenly frowned and sneered, “home wrecker,” referring to her recent relationship with writer and Harvard professor, speak of her again.

Like all of us, than she appears.

Her latest memoir, tells the story of her leaving the Netherlands for America and her thoughts on Islam, the West and dysfunctional families, including her own.