Tango Seduces New York

Tango Seduces New York

Text by Karen Zraick, NYC24

Argentine tango is more than a dance for the couples that glide along the dance floor on Saturday nights at the 92nd Street Y. It’s a love affair, a meditation, a life lesson —at its best, a communion between two bodies.

“I never had a passion as strong, as vivid as tango in my life,” said Patrizia Chen, a Manhattan author and chef. “It’s orgasmic.”

That physical vulnerability, that willingness to allow someone to grip you and pull you close, creates an intense intimacy between partners, while the melancholy lyrics give the dance an air of wistful romance.

“No other dance has such a close embrace,” Chen said. “You have to give yourself to the other person.”

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On The Line @ The Met Opera

On the Line at the Met

Every Saturday morning when the Metropolitan Opera has performances, die-hard fans get up at 4am to brave the cold and darkness to make sure they have a spot to stand behind the rail of the last row in the orchestra.   But really the line is about the community that forms around a shared passion.