Hootan Mahallati, Columbia Business School, ’07, was a 2007 recipient of the prestigious Lang Fund. Here he talks about his company, rightpedal, and the impact the Entrepreneurship Program at Columbia Business School continues to have on his day to day business decisions.

How CP can help you

Jay Corcoran

From the germ of an idea to the finished product, Corcoran Productions will work with you every step of the way. From shaping the story, to shooting and editing we will provide you with video content for your presentation, website or other media needs. Whether your content is a 60-second “welcome” on your website to an on-going webisode or a 30-minute project to complement your seminar or presentation we are at your service to provide you with meaningful content that will resonate with your audience.

Corcoran Productions offers these services:

Shoot: Have an industry conference or business event you want documented? We can shoot it for you and edit the session into brief topic-specific video segments to archive on your website.

Edit: We will edit and organize what we shoot, or review your pre-existing video material and help you develop a succinct story.

Manage: Your video content in various hosting sites, on a web series and help you with text and choosing the best photograph or audio selections to complement your multi-media experience.

Economize: are trained journalists that can ask the right questions, shoot, edit and package your story in a timely fashion. The one-person bands or small crew is an added plus for capturing intimate moments often missed by a large crew.

Tango Seduces New York

Tango Seduces New York

Text by Karen Zraick, NYC24

Argentine tango is more than a dance for the couples that glide along the dance floor on Saturday nights at the 92nd Street Y. It’s a love affair, a meditation, a life lesson —at its best, a communion between two bodies.

“I never had a passion as strong, as vivid as tango in my life,” said Patrizia Chen, a Manhattan author and chef. “It’s orgasmic.”

That physical vulnerability, that willingness to allow someone to grip you and pull you close, creates an intense intimacy between partners, while the melancholy lyrics give the dance an air of wistful romance.

“No other dance has such a close embrace,” Chen said. “You have to give yourself to the other person.”

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Undetectable: Facilitator’s Guide Lesson #2

Undetectable: Facilitator Guide Lesson #2

From the documentary, Undetectable, that focuses on six people for three years on the HIV/AIDS multi-therapies.

This segment focuses on the personal involvement in medical care. Participants and activists, Carole Miselman and Belynda Dunn advocate for themselves and women for effective treatments. They also exemplify strong relationships with their doctors, particularly with Dr. Lisa Hirschhorn.