Urbavour: A Startup That Gets City Dwellers To Eat Healthy

You’ve worked hard all day.  You’re tired and have missed the Union Square Green Market. You want to eat healthy but you walk into your local deli or grocery store and once again, some bland take out will do the trick for another night.   But what if you knew that waiting for you at home was a bundle of organic groceries from the City’s green markets or local farms?  That is what Urbavour does.  A startup that gets city dwellers to eat healthy.

Coleman Skeeter, Founder and CEO of Urbavour, talks with us about his new business.  Skeeter, a 2012 grad from Columbia Business School is one of 21 entrepreneurs at the ColumbiaBusinessLab, a co-working space in Soho managed by The Lang Entrepreneurship Center.

Coleman Skeeter, Founder, Urbavou

After a few years of working the grueling hours often required for a career in Real Estate Private Equity, Skeeter says his health began to deteriorate.  In a what he took to be a wakeup call after a collapsed lung diagnoses, he did some soul searching and realized he wanted a career that could make an impact in improving the lives of others.  He talks with us about the joys and challenges of starting his new venture.