Tiffany: A Day in the Life of a NYC Black Transgender Woman

Tiffany and Nate.  Black, homeless, queer and trans they have survived on the streets of New York City for years. 

As race continues to engulf our nation it is important to look at basic human needs of shelter, education, healthcare, and so much more, that often elude this population. Until we address the systemic racism baked into every institution in our country, we will never move forward.

We first meet them in a Harlem shelter for queer youth.  Six years later we meet Tiffany after she has broken up with Nate.  We spend a day with her as she navigates her life on the lower east side of Manhattan.

We post two seasons that consist of twenty six, 60-second video segments on certain aspects of their life. 

Warning, this is an unvarnished look into their lives with language and topics that might not be for everyone.

Season Two: Tiffany, A Day in the Life.
Transgender Woman Surviving on the Streets of New York City
Season One: Tiffany and Nate, LGBTQ and Homeless on the NYC Streets