Is Investing In Africa For You?

Africa is a region that has long been on the radar of the international investment community.  With the rise of mobile finance, agriculture and according to the UN, a labor force of 225 million young people ages 15-25, which is expected to 450 million by 2055, the continent is ripe for opportunities.

We sat down with investor, Mbwana Alliy, Founder and Managing Partner, Savannah Fund, an Africa-focused technology venture capital fund.  Alliy has overseen 26 investments in six African countries creating more than 200 full-time jobs raising more than $40M in venture financing.  He has a Bachelor’s of Engineering degree from Bristol University and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

We hope the interview below, and suggested resources, are helpful to those thinking about starting their own business, help scale a business, or invest in start-ups in Africa.

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Doing Business In Africa: Mbwana Alliy and Olajumoke Adenowo

Key Takeaways:

  1. “Instead of looking West, look East. Compare M-Pesa with Alipay or PTM in India.  See how those are similar or not similar.  Those comparisons are more relevant and could pave the way for the next Alibaba.” (Video: M-Pesa, Mobile Trends and Business).
  2. “I come across too many folks doing business in Africa but aren’t based there.  It’s important to invest time on the ground to learn and observe.  Take public transportation.  See how locals consume media.” (Video: Doing Business in Africa).
  3. “Trends: Rapid urbanization and the huge youthful labor force coming up,  there is an opportunity to tap that labor.” (Video: Investing Trends and Strategy).

Useful Resources: 

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