Sanitation Entrepreneur Takes on War and Climate

Last fall we had the pleasure of speaking with entrepreneur Bara Wahbeh, Co-founder and CTO of Akyas Sanitation, from his home in Amman, Jordan.

Bara Wahbeh on the urgent need for sanitation

Wahbeh, with his team of four, created a sustainable toilet system after Wahbeh worked in Izmir, Turkey. For many months he witnessed thousands of displaced Syrian people live in make-shift camps around the city. With no access to food, healthcare, education or work opportunities, he witnessed thousands spiral into unimaginable poverty. To hear his inspired story, please watch the origin story below.

The Why of Akyas Sanitation and how it got its start.

As the world witnesses millions of displaced Ukrainian people from the brutal war started by Russian President, Vladimir Putin, millions more in Ukraine are without power, food and proper sanitation. The situation is a humanitarian crisis on the highest level and will only get worse. Ukraine is the world’s bread basket, especially for the Middle East and Africa. Without a steady supply of grains to these, and other regions, the possibility of famine as a result of Putin’s war can become a terrifying reality. To learn more, listen to New York Times’ Ezra Klein’s interview with senior fellow in the Center on the United States and Europe at the Brookings Institution, Fiona Hill.

  • Not that sustainable dry toilets is the answer to the war’s many ills, but a solution like Akyas Sanitation, can be one of many resources that could positively impact people’s daily life in conflict and impoverished areas, and possibly ward off a possible cholera epidemic or other severe health situations.
Bara Wahbeh on Akyas Sanitation and its Impact

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