.@GoogleGlass: A Journey From Boston to New York City

Our first foray into the world of wearables with Google Glass.

We traveled from Boston to New York City and thought this was the best place to try out our new gadget.

Our first image was our knee which was promptly uploaded, much to our horror, onto our Google+ page.  Feeling skittish and intimated we put our Glass, which we bought at the Glass store in Chelsea Market on Ninth Ave and 16th St, back in its case and under the bed.

Since we shelled out over $1,600 for it, we knew we had to get over our fear of being a “glass-hole” and make use of it, and we are glad we did.  It’s a blast.  After lugging around 60 pounds of camera equipment for the past couple of decades, we would never have been able to capture what we did, sans hands, as we strolled around in public spaces.

So here is the first, of what we hope will be many installments on our #Glass Journeys.

Can you see the Glass?
Can you see the Glass?

We shot about 40 minutes and whittled it down to less than three and a half minutes.  If you have any questions about Glass, please feel free to contact us here.