Is Community Essential For Veterans To Feel Connected?

We spoke with best-selling author and award-winning filmmaker, Sebastian Junger on helping veterans transition and integrate into the US after being overseas.   His interview will be used in FourBlock, a career readiness resource to help veterans find their calling.

In addition to Junger, the edX online course,  Find Your Calling: Career Transition Principles For Returning Veterans includes Columbia Business School Business Professor, Sheena Iyengar, author, “The Art of Choosing,” and one of the world’s experts on choice, and best-selling author, “Start With Why,” Simon Sinek.

Junger’s interview is so powerful and timely we want to share a few of the video highlights.  The other videos, equally powerful and informative, are embedded in the course and available for free for veterans and their families.  Learn more here.

On the need for building tribe or community: “It’s not just trauma.  We are wired to get through trauma,” says Junger.  “What we aren’t wired for is loneliness and alienation. “

Junger addresses the importance of meaning, and adding value to a group.  We can’t help ask ourselves, “How are we adding value to a group or our community?”  If we are not being as effective in groups, what can we do to change that?  Volunteer?  Take on a leadership role?  Get better at something we like to do?  Watch the video below and write any ideas or suggestions that come to mind.

Junger offers sobering advice on how it’s important to live and lead in these turbulent times we are facing in the US.  As difficult the feelings we have for the opposition, it is essential not to turn our fellow country women and men, into the enemy.

Columbia Business School, Senior Associate Director, Jennifer Merchant highlights the superlative, yet often overlooked, leadership skills veterans learn in the military

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