To Build a Nation: Kosovo, Behind the Lens #2

To Build a Nation: Kosovo, Behind the Lens 2

To Build a Nation: Kosovo, Behind the Lens examines the human effects of international interventions in war-ravaged Kosovo, more than five years after the war.

Although Kosovo declared independence from Serbia on Feb 17, 2008, the time leading up to that was filled with frustration and impatience for all parties. This short project exposed the limbo that permeated throughout the province in 2003 and 2004 leading up to it’s independence. Exposing a few of the agendas, and draw our attention to the critical need for home-grown solutions.
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Afghan Kids Want Computers

Afghan Kids Want Laptops

On this day we travel to a high school in Charikar in Parwan Province,  a 90- minute car drive from Kabul centre.  The school does not have electricity or running water but the students have more things on their minds.  Computers.

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Rebuilding Afghanistan, One Book At a Time

Rebuilding Afghanistan One Book at a Time video

In 2006 Nancy Hatch Dupree founded the ACKU from the over 45,000 documents she began collecting in the 1970’s, with her late husband, Louis.

We spent a week documenting some of the programs Nancy and her ACKU team undertake to educate their fellow Afghan citizens. On this day Nancy leads the ACKU to a school one hour from Kabul center. It is the first time the school of 8,000 students will have a library.