Hootan Mahallati, Columbia Business School, ’07, was a 2007 recipient of the prestigious Lang Fund. Here he talks about his company, rightpedal, and the impact the Entrepreneurship Program at Columbia Business School continues to have on his day to day business decisions.

Think Coffee

April Fool's Day at Think Coffee, 248 Mercer Street, New York City.

First published in NYC24, The Hijinks Issue, 2008.

By Jay Corcoran

April Fool’s Day at Think Coffee, New York City.

Mildred Verrier was worried.

One night last week she planned to roller skate at her place of employment, Think Coffee, while dressed in her underpants and other accessories while playing the ukulele.

“The singing and nudity didn’t bother me,” said Verrier a coffee barista-singer, “it’s the roller stakes, I never did it before.”
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