Afghanistan’s Great Donor Scandal: Higher Education

Billions of dollars are poured into Afghanistan each year to ostensibly bring stability to the war-ravaged country.

A lack of shared national or international vision or strategy, no security, rampant corruption, Afghanistan is a place most do not want to dwell.  International donors, wanting a quick fix and an end to the Afghan war, throw millions of dollars at short-sighted projects that add little or no value to the Afghan community it vows to support.  

Local Afghan business leaders Hassina Sherjan, founder of Aid Afghanistan for Education and Boumi, and Tamim Samee, Founder of Shamali Farms, and two Information Technology companies, Ora-Tech and Digistan and  Country Director of The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Anders Fange, talk about the need for international donor support to develop higher education in Afghanistan.

Without the development and retention of new Afghan business leaders, scientists, doctors, educators and other innovative thinkers, Afghanistan might never emerge from its war-ravaged past.

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